You Are Supported

You Are Supported


Alone, our voices and actions can sometimes feel small and inconsequential. Whether we’re trying to #communicate to ourselves or others, to make a change in our own lives or to bring new #perspectives to our communities, #growth and #improvement are difficult. Especially if we’re trying to grow ourselves out of a tough spot. 

It’s a #journey that shouldn’t be taken alone.

If we keep using our voices and actions to express our authentic #truths compassionately, despite feeling small, despite feeling powerless, we make way for something truly magical.  We create something powerful. We become ᴍᴀɢɴᴇᴛɪᴄ. 

By quietly, persistently and bravely taking even the smallest steps along the journey you know you need to take, you #attract into your life those who have walked, are walking or will walk a similar #path. People who will help lift you and people whom you will help. People who understand, on a level you couldn’t even imagine. 

When you own your #truth, you become magnetic to your Soul Tribe. And their voices and actions will be joined with yours until that quiet voice you thought was powerless to make change has become the mightiest roar. 

The #foundations you build with your Soul Tribe are a lifelong building block. They strengthen you and those around you to create the life that meets your deepest needs and #values. They empower you to #adapt and #thrive, to rise above challenges and spread your wings. 

Only by being true to yourself can you attract your Soul Tribe. Most importantly, by staying true to yourself despite the doubts and fears, you #empower yourself to draw up healthy boundaries in your life. This will protect you from those who would detract from your journey, and ensure that the people who are in your life are truly part of your #Tribe. Together, you can fly.🕊

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