“Grateful you have been one of the extraordinary teachers on my path. I feel blessed for opportunities like this evening to practice with you. I am appreciating how your teachings widen my lens of understanding and foster my development.”

S.P. – Chicago, IL

“I truly enjoy each of your classes. They are such a treat for me and I always come away with something new and different. Your insight and delivery are gifts!! Thank you so much for sharing!!”

T.L. – Glenview, IL

“During this time of year it feels particularly important to once again express the depth of my gratitude for you, as I wholeheartedly consider you to be one of my teachers instrumental to my path! Grateful am I for the creativity of your practices and the precision of your cueing which guide me to a place of stillness and internalizes my awareness. Grateful am I for your capacity to embody and illumine your practice through your way of being. You offer a living example of integration.”

Steve – Chicago, IL

“It’s amazing how you create such wonderful energy in that room. Everyone feels the connection. And I love your message about the word ‘listen.’ No one listens to anyone anymore. You are one of the few people in the world that slows me down and makes me feel better. I have taken other classes there to see if I can find another teacher to guide me, but what you do and what you make is so special for us all. It never ceases to amaze me…the wonders of yoga and JGB.”

Harris Kal – Buffalo Grove, IL

“Dear Jenny, First of all congrats on being selected to go to Lululemon’s conference in April. They truly made the perfect choice in selecting you. Ever since I have been coming to your Friday class regularly for the past two years, your teaching and sharing your knowledge and love of Yoga has only grown. I truly love my friday mornings in your class, and yesterday was no exception. Yes it was very strong but yes I felt the calmness especially in triangle–my favorite pose. Your quote at the end of class really hit home I would love to know where it came from, you really live your yoga, also you look so damm adorable always in Lululemon.”

Robin S. – Highland Park, IL

“Jenny is one of the only teachers of yoga that truly,noticeably has a “GIFT” for the practice and a gift for sharing it in a way that touches each and every student. I have never experienced anyone who can take the common positions of the practice and weave them together in a powerful, meaningful, yet different and unique way EACH AND EVERY class. It as if I am within a new chapter or discovery of myself, my body, or a new peace each and every time I am under the teaching of Jenny.

She taught me as a beginner, she challenged me as my strength grew within the practice, and wherever I am in a day or a year, Jenny seems to be able to capture the need I have that day.What’s amazing….is that Jenny makes EVERYONE in the class feel this same way. She is an inspiration for joy, giving, and connecting and being present. I’m grateful for Jenny in the world.”

Christine D. – Lake Forest, IL

“Thank you so very much! I cherish YOU and your effort to share the gift of yoga..the gift it is to you…the gift of truly bring present in the moment…LIFE is hard sometimes, it can be challenging, but YOGA teaches me to go with the flow—to embrace the challenges….to embrace the journey both on and off my mat….For me, it is that special yogi, who weaves in and out of a room filled with fellow yogis, each on their own journey…but for one little yogi….it is closing my eyes, following her choreography simply by the sound of her voice….trusting her direction and knowing the peace I find when I am still is truly the gift of yoga…hard, earned, embraced, felt in my soul and so grateful for sharing the journey…”

Shelley J. – Lake Bluff, IL

“Jenny is a true asset to the our yoga community! Her class plans are not only challenging and well thought out but they always have a purpose and goal in mind. She continues to strive towards creating unique sequencing that engages your mind, body and spirit as a single unit and they are different from one practice to the next. She is not only well prepared but she also is a great listener and observer. This trait is important to not only long time practitioners but to first time yogis as Jenny is keenly aware of what adjustments should be made to you and she creates a warm environment making you want to practice with her time and time again. She is the epitome of what an instructor should be and a warrior in the studio.”

Bob B. – Highland Park, IL

“When I take a yoga class, there are a number of qualities that I hope the teacher embodies. Among the most important of these are: authenticity, creativity, knowledge, and a sense of humor. Jenny GB embodies all of these things and more. I always leave her yoga classes feeling more grounded physically, mentally and spiritually. The joy she has shown me in my own practice has been boundless. The incentive to want to be a better yogi is infused in her teaching and filters into my spiritual being.”

Andrew Gurvey, Yoga Instructor – Palatine, IL

“A friend of mine introduced me to Jenny’s class almost 2 years ago and I am hooked. She is truly an inspiration! Jenny’s practice is always evolving and has a new idea each week. She is mindful of safety and has great music.”

Jill P. – Lake Forest, IL

“Jenny loves to teach. It is apparent from the moment you step into one of her classes. She shares her warm smile and life experiences into her classes in a wonderfully, caring way. Her creative sequences may been contrived in her kitchen, as she so honestly admits, but they are “spot on” in every class she teaches. Her spiritual reflections are as fresh as her music and contribute to the perfect vinyasa flow.”

Rhonda S. – Highland Park, IL

“Jenny, You made me realize so much about Yoga and the practice of–and all the depth and connection it can provide. You are a wonderful example of what yoga can do for the soul….”

CDY – Lake Forest, IL

“January 17th, 2011 was the first time I attended a class taught by Jenny. It is also the date my practice and my life were forever changed. At that time, my only expectation from yoga was to get a good workout, which I did. However, that quickly took a back seat to the overwhelming atmosphere of inner power, poise and peace that Jenny exudes. It was contagious from the moment she began class. Jenny’s presence is so magical that I get lost in her classes…there is no beginning, no end…just my body and my breath. I leave each experience with Jenny filled with a quite strength inside that has heals and inspires me every day. Jenny’s impact at a teacher is immeasurable. I am endlessly grateful for her gifts of ‘connection’ and ‘being present’.”

Mary Sandberg – Chicago, IL

Footnote: I had to ask Mary how she remembered the exact date she first came to class and this is what she shared:”I remember the date for 2 reasons. 1- i had been going to forever om for 4 months and i was too scared to take your class because you looked so professional. haha. and i understood the baptiste class but i was intimidated by the description of monday night. 2- my bday is jan 15th and was the day i made a lot of decisions about my life and so it was a really tough time and i was craving an escape and i didn’t want to wait for the tuesday class so i ended up at your class because i was too mentally tired to be scared. and that was it!!”

“Jenny, you make me smile-inside and out. You are kind of like Cher or Prince—only one word, “Jenny”—is required-we all know a great experience (not just great yoga) is at hand! My daughter, Molly, took me to my first yoga class & Jenny was our teacher. That was almost three years ago. Today, I plan my week around Jenny’s class schedule. Why? My body feels stronger (it is!) and calmer (ask my family); my brain feels clearer (personal opinion), and after she says, “Namaste” Jenny makes sure that every time I hit the mat, I am making it my practice.

She provides the instruction, the adjustments, the encouragement…and the playlist! My job is to listen to my body (not my ego), breathe, and make each asana my own. I have had the joy of sharing yoga with Jenny for over a year. She holds an amazing gift for leading creative, strong, and thoughtful practices. The grace and ease with which she makes everyone feel empowered by their own practice is truly wonderful. I look forward to her practice every week. Jenny not only teaches yoga, she lives her yoga.”

Anne Durot – Lake Forest, IL

“I have had the joy of sharing yoga with Jenny for over a year. She holds an amazing gift for leading creative, strong, and thoughtful practices. The grace and ease with which she makes everyone feel empowered by their own practice is truly wonderful. I look forward to her practice every week. Jenny not only teaches yoga, she lives her yoga.”

Liz Carpender, Yoga Instructor

“Practicing with Jenny is both inspirational and exhilarating. Jenny brings the true meaning of yoga to her teaching by guiding students to consider the practice in both mind and body. Classes are always high energy, full of creativity, and great music. I always leave feeling rejuvenated.”

Caryn Africk – Lake Forest, IL

“One of my favorite parts of taking Jenny’s class is that she starts out her practice with thoughts and ideas that immediately take you away from where you were, and allow you to connect to being more present. Her classses go beyond asana, and allow you the opportunity to connect the mind, body and spirit in a way that lasts longer than the time on your mat. Her classes also have a lovely sense of building. So in the end, you find yourself working your way towards a pose that might have felt challenging if you didn’t have such a skillful teaching guiding you.”

Susan F. – Lake Bluff, IL

“I have learned so much about yoga & about myself by attending Jenny’s vinyasa classes over the past year or so. Jenny begins every class with some tidbit of information that inspires me or speaks to me on a personal level. Each class feels new and fresh as Jenny is always ‘cooking up’ something new in her kitchen for her students! I know so much more about the mechanics of yoga and my body is learning to open up more as I continue to practice with Jenny. She makes it fun and I’ve learned to laugh at myself if I can’t get a pose ‘just right’. Even though I want so badly to do the poses perfectly, I have learned that everyone’s body is different and it’s OK to just be yourself. Thanks Jenny!”

Cathy M. – Lake Forest, IL

“I really, really enjoyed last night’s class, more than usual. I don’t know if you hear it often enough but you are a fabulous teacher. I love the fact that you are ALWAYS prepared, have an idea or goal in mind and are accesable for adjustments even in a crowded room. I wish there were more time for me to see you more than once a week.”

Robert – Highland Park, IL

“Thank you for another great class last night.  Thought I would share; Aelee asked me how the class was and I replied “it was awesome.” She said I say that every time. For me, someone who is able to offer an “awesome” practice each time we come to our mat is truly an extraordinary teacher. Thank you for your invaluable guidance which allows each of us to do the inner work and access the wisdom of our bodies.”

Stephen Patton – IL

“Just a note to let you know that really enjoyed spending a month of Saturday mornings with you. I really do miss having your classes on a regular schedule. Your intuition on what I need is often uncanny and you bring something very special to the mat that is something I don’t often get or can really explain. It is not really even based in asana whatsoever but rather on a much more meaningful level. Thank you.”

Bob B. – IL