• MONDAYS 430pm-530pmMT Power Yoga Flow at Village Clubs Camelback. Message me for a guest pass
  • MONDAYS 630pm-730pmMT In-Shop Flow at Sweatshop Central
  • TUESDAYS 6pm-715pm CT Vinyasa Flow 2 Zoom. Click HERE to purchase a live-stream or recording.
  • WEDNESDAYS 1030am-1145pmMT at All Levels Vinyasa Flow at Urban Yoga Phoenix
  • SUNDAYS 10am-1115am MT All Levels Vinyasa Flow at Urban Yoga Phoenix (Check out their new member specials & unlimited monthly specials!

    Find me also on and on Plus, more vinyasa classes on “JennyGB Yoga” YouTube Channel


    Private Instruction
    Don’t feel ready to practice in a virtual community class or do you want to refine your alignment and asanas? I’m available for private instruction via Zoom! Email me at or text me at 847.322.3101

    Warm Vinyasa Flow or Vinyasa Flow
    This class for those students who have some knowledge of yoga or awareness of their body. The class aims to master the fundamentals and principles of asanas using functional movement, which are linked together allowing the student to flow freely and just move with the breath. There is no set sequence which allows more room to explore the practice and to find a deeper understanding of yoga. Appropriate for all skill levels.

    Vinyasa Flow Level 2/3 class
    A vigorous, detoxing, and energizing class which builds heat and stamina through sun salutations and standing poses. Very creative and stimulating, these classes include the breath-synchronized vinyasa form and more challenging postures such as inversions, backbends and arm balances. There is no set sequence which allows more room to explore the practice in different forms. Prior yoga experience recommended.

    Recovery for Athletes (Workshop)
    My class is specifically designed for those in training looking for a deep,
    therapeutic stretch and twist class to support the body and mind to
    “Re…juvenate, Recover, Repair and Restore.”
    If you’ve been feeling the negative effects of your challenging workout,
    the stress of your week, or even a break from your regular yoga class,
    this class will allow you to release and recover.