Life is about our ability to #grow, to #evolve, and to transform into our best Selves. Life is about the journey. But it’s not a smooth, flawless, continuous journey. It’s a journey of phases, stop-starts, U-turns and lane changes. It’s a #journey of transitions between what we used to be, where we used to be at, and the people we are becoming.

#Transitions can be exciting, jarring, terrifying, challenging and stimulating, or all of these at once! They impact our relationship with ourselves, with our family and our friends, and they can impact our jobs, our sense of self-worth and #purpose, and our #perspectives on the world.

Sometimes transitions happen almost naturally, and we find ourselves drifting into a new lane until we have no choice but to embrace the #change. Sometimes they hit us in the face out of the blue, and we are presented with a sudden choice. Sometimes they announce themselves with symptoms such as restlessness, discomfort, disconnect and dissatisfaction, which don’t go away until we turn around to face them, and ask them what they’re trying to tell us.

Sometimes, it’s about giving the people around us the space to #transform and grow, no matter how much it scares us. It can be tempting to try and keep those we love in a phase that we’re comfortable with, but this inhibits their #potential. When we love someone, we honor their transitions.

But transitions aren’t just about moving from one to another. There’s so much to learn from the #spaces in between; from that strange, limbo-like place where one chapter is closing and another opening. We learn about ourselves, our feelings around transformation, and our #relationships. We learn more about our values and priorities. We learn about the importance of our #foundations in empowering us to take leaps of #faith.

I write this for and dedicate it to my son Casey, who went back to ASU to pursue his Masters Degree. As much as I want to keep you close to me, I honor your choice to transition into a phase of more growth and potential. I love you to the moon and back. And I am incredibly proud of you.

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