Enjoy The Pause

Enjoy The Pause


It’s so difficult to genuinely press #pause. When life is going full swing, there’s never an easy way to prioritize stillness, and when stillness is forced upon us, taking a genuine break is still somehow tricky. 

Even in the name of #stillness and spiritual #growth, we tend to overload our minds with ‘Things To Do.’ Wake up, meditate, journal, do yoga, take care of the kids, get e-learning and working from home underway, hang out with your Soul Tribe, laundry, dinner, errands, blah, blah blah…and somehow manage to read a new book or learn something new. 

Where is the genuine pause here? Where is our time to safely, peacefully and compassionately let our brains assimilate and process? We need a #space for our mind to #breathe while doing something that brings us #joy, simply for the sake of it.

Occasionally, pressing pause on our drive to #grow, #achieve, and #self-improve is the most valuable step we can take in that direction. We need to give ourselves room just to BE; a safe space where it’s okay not to fly forward at the speed of light in pursuit of our goals.

It’s these moments that allow us to #reconnect to our core grounding #values and #joys. In the midst of all the busy-ness, or amid all the spiritual journeying, bring yourself back to the basics. 

What did you love doing as a kid? What brought the biggest smile to your face? Did you love rolling down hills? Jumping on a trampoline? Fingerpainting? Climbing trees? Reading fiction, fantasy or fairy tales? Playing with dolls? Exploring your street on your bike?

Whatever it was, and even if you’ve not experienced it in years, give yourself that space. #Reconnect with your inner child and feel unadulterated joy, simply for the sake of it. You don’t necessarily have to sit and meditate every time to experience a pause. Try letting go a little bit in your “pause”—be playful, laugh, dance, sing, jump around, be joyFULL.

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