Through These Uncertain Times, Don’t forget to LIVE!

Through These Uncertain Times, Don’t forget to LIVE!


Uncertainty is difficult to cope with at the best of time. This year has brought us #uncertainty on a scale that many of us haven’t experienced before. From wondering what our jobs will look like in a month—if we’re lucky enough to still have one; to not knowing when we’ll be able to see, let alone hold, our family and friends again. It’s challenging to maintain a structured, future-orientated existence when the future feels like it’s changing under our very feet. 

Throughout this year, plans ranging from family reunions, dinners and playdates, to holidays and birthdays, moving house and work trips have been put on hold indefinitely or cancelled. The world looks and feels very different from last year, but also from last month, and no one really knows what next month will look like, let alone next year. We’re not equipped to handle this level of uncertainty, and not knowing how long it’s going to last can make it difficult to maintain our #motivation and #optimism. 

Some of us tentatively make plans, at least half-convinced that these plans will never see the light of day. To make plans in the current climate means to knowingly risk financial and emotional disappointment. Important life #decisions are put on hold because we have no idea what life will bring us next. We’re all walking on eggshells just trying our best to steer a steady course towards our goals. 

What makes this all the more frustrating is that we lack absolutely any control over the circumstances. 

From the global health situation to the political situation, all we can do is try to navigate these turbulent waters without compromising our sense of #Self, our grounding #values and our #well-being. Yes, this means adapting many things we used to take for granted, but the important thing is that we do #adapt! Finding ways to nurture our flexibility of #mind and #spirit, our #tolerance for #change, our ability to see blessings and lessons—this is the key to surviving AND thriving in a climate of total uncertainty. 

This is life now: you get to LIVE it. 

Make plans, make decisions, but don’t get attached to them; use new criteria and guidelines to make choices that are comfortable for you, but still make those choices. Don’t forget to LIVE.

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