To Know Clearly

To Know Clearly


To know clearly. To go through life with clarity and wisdom.

It’s something we all wish for, because when we can’t identify the truth of a situation, we often get hurt or disappointed.⁣

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras differentiate beautifully between these two states of being: right #knowledge is built on perceiving the truth of a situation (1.7), and false knowledge is created by our misperceptions (1.8). This false knowledge is what leads to pain and strife, conflict and misunderstanding, intolerance and hatred.⁣

⁣How can we achieve clarity? How can we find right knowledge? The #Sutras tell us that “the source of right knowledge is built on clear sense perception, logic and verbal communication.” These are not elements that always come naturally to us. Our #perceptions and logic are often clouded by past experiences, emotional reactions and expectations, while #authentic and #honest #communication can seem challenging and unpleasant.⁣

⁣Yet if we want to avoid the pitfalls of false knowledge, it’s vital that we find the ability to see each situation, person, or event as new. To examine it based solely on its own factors without interference from past #patterns and #expectations. When we can see it clearly for what it is, rather than what we assume or expect it to be, we can use logic to come closer to right knowledge. Precise communication then empowers us to ask for any clarification or information we might still need.⁣

⁣To perceive right knowledge, rather than our projection of the truth, we must, therefore, be willing to communicate bravely. We can do this by being honest and #authentic about our motivations and asking the questions that we need to ask in order to better understand a situation. In this way, #communication enables us to learn more about ourselves, the exact circumstances, and our interactions with the world around us. ⁣

⁣It’s our best tool for finding the #truth.⁣

⁣Clear communication can help us see beyond the filter of misperception, steering us away from hurt and pain so that we can move forward in #positivity and #confidence.⁣

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