What Does It Mean to Be Vulnerable?

What Does It Mean to Be Vulnerable?


What does it mean to be #vulnerable?

It starts with #authenticity. Being authentically yourself means standing in your #truth, your #power, your values and your ideas, expressing them honestly. Vulnerability is simply the next step: being authentically yourself around others; expressing your feelings, truths and ideas openly in public.

But that’s scary! It’s where we run the risk of rejection, mockery, exclusion. Being vulnerable is one of the bravest things we can do, and so often, it ends up being the most rewarding.

There’s a key ingredient to healthy, brave authenticity and vulnerability, though: #compassion. Express yourself from the heart and lead with Love: Love for yourself, and Love for others.

When your truth is rooted in self-love, you’re safe from rejection and exclusion, and mockery can’t hurt you. When your truth is rooted in love and compassion for others, similarity and difference are both as beautiful as each other and your vulnerability will empower those around you, whether they have a similar truth to you or come from a completely different perspective.

Being vulnerable is really about being #honest, with yourself and with others. It’s about showing up and being seen as you are, in all your complex beauty. It’s about showing compassion and respect for the feelings, truths and ideas of those around you. Be fearlessly you so that others can be fearlessly them!

Next time, when you feel a certain way, express that emotion. If you have an opinion, share it. The world will be enriched and empowered by your contributions. And when someone else suggests an idea, expresses an emotion or shares an opinion, let them know that you have been enriched and empowered by their contributions.

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