Rewrite Your Self-Talk

Rewrite Your Self-Talk


No one speaks to you as much as you do yourself. Our own voice, our own opinions and our own feelings are the ones we are most familiar with and the ones we are most accustomed to hearing. This is why what we say to ourselves, and how we speak to ourselves, is so important.

Often, if you compare how you speak to your friends, and how you treat yourself, you’ll find that you have so much more space, so much more patience, so much more compassion for others. You let them make mistakes, and you forgive them; you give them a safe space to feel their feelings; you have so much time for them.

But when it comes to you, you’re so hard on yourself! You don’t let yourself make mistakes, and you struggle to forgive or forget the ones you do make. You minimize your feelings so that they won’t take up too much space. You berate yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Just think: if you could lift yourself up as high as you lift your loved ones, the sky would be the limit!

All it takes is for you to start treating yourself as a friend. 

“It’s okay. You made a mistake this time, but remember yesterday? You did so well! And the day before! Tomorrow, you’ll do well again.”

“You are enough. Let’s make a list of all the times you have been enough.”

“Of course, you feel tired. Think of all the things you’ve been juggling! How can I help?”

“It’s completely understandable that you feel sad. Lot’s of stuff has been going on for you these days.”

Rewrite your self-talk. When you hold yourself accountable with #Love and #Compassion and own all of your achievements and positive qualities, you #empower yourself to reach your true potential.

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