What Does it Mean to be a Teacher? To be a Student?

What Does it Mean to be a Teacher? To be a Student?


What does it mean to be a teacher? To be a student?

As a yoga instructor, the answer to this question informs how I feel about my calling, how I go about my work and how I look at growth and improvement—not just that of my students, but my own, too! I’m always trying to be my best for my students so that they can bring out the best in themselves, and this means I am always ready to learn.

The art of ‘teaching,’ of imparting knowledge, sparking curiosity and inspiring creativity, is one that I’m forever perfecting. This is because I believe my role is more than merely being a guide, leading you through poses. My role is to plant and nurture seeds, which will flower independently of me. My role is to bring you into #flow so that you can find your own way.

In the process of teaching, I am constantly surprised by how much I learn. I learn about people, I learn about myself, I learn to be flexible and adaptable. Most importantly, I enjoy learning just as much as I love teaching!

When I look at a yoga mat, I don’t just see a tool of my trade. I see a playground where we are all learning about our minds and our bodies through curiosity, play and exploration. I could bring you into the playground, and show you how to use the tools, lead you through the activities and tell you what you’re learning, but that’s not good enough for me.

I want to bring you into the playground and ask you what you see. I want to help you think about and use your minds and bodies in new and exciting ways. I want you to tell me what you’re learning. I want you to teach me where the yoga mat is taking you.

So, in my mind, to be a teacher is to be a student. And to be a student is to be a teacher.

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