Just Ask…

Just Ask…



When life feels like a steady upstream battle, and you don’t seem to be getting any closer to your goals, just remember this: you don’t have to do it alone. ⁣

You are surrounded by an intimate network of family and friends who have your back, as well as a broader network of colleagues, acquaintances and role-models, whose knowledge and expertise can benefit you. You just have to ask. ⁣

Asking for help can be terrifying. To reach out to someone, you need to let go of something that was holding you steady. You might not have been going anywhere fast, but that handhold seemed like the only thing between you and drowning, and it was something you could control.

It was also holding you back from moving forward.

Yes, it might be a leap of faith to let go and reach out for someone else. It’s scary to rely on others. It’s scary to think that we can’t do it all ourselves. It’s uncomfortable to relinquish control. But if we want to fly, we have to let go of the fear of falling. We have to trust that there will be wind under our wings.

So if you’re feeling stuck, . Reach out and ask for help. Accept what support is offered. Let go of the fear of dependence, fear of vulnerability and the fear of failure which are keeping you from soaring. ⁣

Help might not always appear in the ways you expect. It might be a literal hand, pulling you from deep waters….⁣

It might be an⁣
understanding shoulder to cry and vent on….⁣

It might be a new professional, social or creative opportunity….⁣

It might be the sudden, uncomfortable realization that what you thought you wanted, isn’t in fact what’s best for you….

Help is there. You just have to ask.

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