Growth is hard. It can be uncomfortable. It can be scary.

Whether we can see where we need to be or have no idea what our next steps are, somedays it’s so much easier to sit snugly in our comfort zone.

Our #comfortzone may not be perfect – it doesn’t fulfil us, and we know it’s not healthy in the long run – but we know it so well. We know where we stand, we know how to act, we know how things go.

Somedays, the only thing scarier than the thought of staying in our comfort zone forever is the thought of the unknown. 

And yet, reaching for the unknown is the only way to grow. Stepping bravely into the discomfort and fear which come with #change and #transformation is the first step on your path to a life of meaning and impact. 

#Bravery is not the absence of fear, but taking action despite it.

Don’t dread or avoid fear and discomfort. Breathe into it and see it for what it is: a sign that you are changing, growing, transforming. Moving forward and evolving. Diving deeper into yourself and expanding the way you exist in this world. It’s a sign that you are pushing at the boundaries which have been holding you back. 

The world is ready for you to break out of the cocoon of your comfort zone, transformed by your own courage and vision. The world is ready for you to step into your life with #purpose and #intent. You are ready too.

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