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These unprecedented times have left us with fear, uncertainty, stress along with isolation. We are all in the need to feel connected whether it be to our teacher, our spiritual guide, or the #Source.⁣

As a yogi/yoga instructor, I value the #connection I can create on my mat with body, mind and breath because it brings depth and meaning to my life and my practice. The tools I learn on my mat lead me to incredible connections off my mat—with friends, family, students, even strangers and the environment around me. ⁣

Our collective love of #yoga and need for #peace has gathered us onto our mats, albeit virtually now. From just providing #facebooklive yoga classes this week to students from Chicago to Chile to Japan and Africa, I’ve seen how powerful this practice can bring a global community together and energetically connect in a really positive way, to share uplifting #prana.⁣

I bow to you in deep #gratitude for sharing space with me. And I’m also grateful for my own teachers who are providing online content for myself and their students. We’re all in this together, fully connected. ⁣

If you’d like to practice with me subscribe to my # “ ” My latest classes are posted and more content, including meditations are coming soon. ⁣

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