When One Door Closes….

When One Door Closes….


When one door closes, another door opens – we just have to be willing to see it.

When we are told ‘No,’ when a job opportunity falls through, a relationship ends or never even starts, our funds don’t allow us that vacation, that car, or that school, it feels like a door we’ve been walking towards confidently and hopefully has just been slammed in our faces, and there’s nowhere else worth going. It feels like the world turned its back on us and shut us out. It might even feel like the world is out to get you.

You have two choices at this point. You could stay where you are, pounding on the door, yelling in frustration and anger about what you feel you’ve been robbed of.

Or you could turn around.

Let’s face it: you didn’t really know what to expect behind that door, so why are you so attached to it? Why is that door better than any other door?

You could turn around and notice the other doors that are available to you. Maybe you hadn’t notice them before, when you were so focused on that particular option, but the other doors are there, waiting for you to try them.

Some will open, some will not. Some will do so easily, some will require tenacity and persistence on your behalf. But they are there.

Trusting that there are plenty of doors we could try, knowing that those which open will work out for us, perhaps in unexpected ways, makes it easier to see a closed door in a positive light. A closed door is simply an opportunity to try something else, something new, something unexpected. To open our mind and shift out of our comfort zone. To switch up our perspective and remain receptive to our blessings.

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