We WANT Change

We WANT Change


Looking back on #History it’s clear to see that #Change doesn’t happen smoothly or all at once. It’s a painful, uncomfortable process full of friction, anger, momentum and hope. It’s a gradual, inconsistent process full of stops and starts, first waves and second waves, while the status quo gets renegotiated. There’s rarely a clear destination or blueprint.

Looking back on History, it’s also clear to see that Change is inevitable. Social and political structures are cyclically shaken to their core and re-built; nothing is allowed to stagnate or last forever.

In many ways, as a society, we have become so much more aware of the importance of Change. I feel that resistance to change is gradually losing its grip, giving way to more #acceptance and #release. 

We want to Change. 

We want to make History so that the next decade is different from the one that came before. We want to be part of the momentum rather than the friction.

Being part of the momentum of Change and Transformation requires a lot from us. It requires a willingness to un-learn and learn. It requires #consistency and #discipline in educating ourselves and applying our knowledge. It requires a deep, reflective practice where we look back to see how to move forward – and how not to.

We must build new #perspectives into habits and new habits into social norms. We must be willing to have the rug pulled from under our feet so that we can weave together a new rug, a better rug. One which brings us closer to a world where equality really means #equality and #diversity is celebrated in the rich tapestry of life.

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