Recognize Your Samskaras

Recognize Your Samskaras


🧩 Recognizing Your Samskaras 🧩

It can be difficult to see the #patterns that govern our lives. They surround us and are a part of us, a kaleidoscopic tunnel we walk through as we step out into the world. Some patterns strengthen us and pave the way for powerful forward momentum, but others weaken us, distancing us from our #power and #independence and making it difficult to maintain our forward motion.

The Sanskrit word #samskaras refers to these patterns, these emotional habits that our lives revolve around. Whether positive or negative, we get the best view of our own personal samskaras when we take a step back. Removing ourselves from the immediate desire to react, watching our thoughts, studying our behavior, and asking difficult and uncomfortable questions: Why did I do/think/feel that? Have I done/thought/felt that before?

Noticing both the helpful and harmful patterns allows you greater control over the path you walk. When we recognize the strengthening habits we already enact, it becomes easier to nurture and solidify them, so that we can gain even more from our natural tendencies.

Recognizing the patterns and emotional habits that are holding us down is also so #empowering. These are the patterns that keep up going in circles, dragging us under as we furiously tread water, reaching for the sky. These are the samskaras that result in the ‘same scars’, over and over again.

As always, coming from the #perspective of #love, understand where and why these patterns developed and what they were trying to protect you from. Be grateful for their #intention, but recognize that you don’t need them anymore. You’re ready to stride forward into your #truth, into your #purpose, into your #potential.

With the New Year coming in strong, hit the reset button on those patterns and #habits that have been pulling you down. Replace them with new patterns that build you up and bring you closer to the best version of yourself 😊 Then build on the patterns that have elevated you this far so that they can continue to lift towards your highest potential. 

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