According to Vedic texts “MAYA is an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem.”

Why do we do what we do? 
Why do we struggle to achieve things that don’t bring out the best in us? Why do we struggle to fit into societies and situations that don’t bring us joy? Whose criteria do we measure our success by? ⁣

Today we exist in a world of appearances and influences, where the treatment and respect we receive depends on our ability to conform effectively, and we constantly compare ourselves with our perception of others. ⁣
It feels so important to belong and succeed that we forget what belonging and success really mean to us. ⁣

Often we find that our sense of fulfilment has nothing to do with how we are being told to live our lives and measure our success. The traditional path to traditional success is simply an illusion we buy into so that we can fit in effectively and easily. It stops us having to ask the difficult questions: what do I want? What brings me fulfillment? ⁣

We don’t need the latest tech, the expensive car and the fancy clothes. We don’t need the flashy apartment or the massive house. We don’t need the 24/7 high-powered job. ⁣

Look beyond the to find your Truth and your Joy. Look at your relationship with the people and objects in your life. Look at your relationship with your mind and your body. Look at how you are connected to the Universe in so many beautiful ways. Open yourself to the understanding that there is more to you, more to the world, than meets the eye. ⁣

Step away from the rat race, from the illusion of success and happiness. You’ll find the balance that enables you to flourish, that enables you to lead a fulfilling life of meaning and impact.⁣

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