Allowing Myself to Feel

Allowing Myself to Feel


Those aren’t marks of sweat next to my wrinkly foot…those are tears. 😥 The movers came yesterday so this morning I woke up knowing I had to practice in my empty living room that was once full of boxes and chaos.

I cranked up the music (@djtazrashid of course…shameless plug😜) so it echoed loudly in the emptiness of the house. I set my #sankulpa (#intention) of immense #gratitude and began practicing.

I could feel my first few movements unraveling stiffness and stress that’s been built up over the past few weeks. Then all of a sudden, I began connecting to my gratitude intention for our house and instead of hearing the music, I could hear many sounds of our family’s and friend’s laughter, conversations, and even arguments we’ve had in this home of 22 years.

That’s when the tears came. And when I looked down at them on my mat, I read the tattoo on my left foot “Love the life you live” and I have, in fact, loved the life I’ve lived in this home. I’ve loved every joy, every pain, every change, every growth, every laugh, every tear.

Thank you, home, for holding space for so much of our life. Although this transitional period is bittersweet and the next chapter our our lives is around the corner, I will embrace these last days fully present with where I am, where I’ve been and whom I’m with because I’m incredibly grateful for living a life I am in love with.🙏🏼🕉💜

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